Natural Reosource Education Coordinator
Closing Date July 22, 2016

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Job Responsibilities:
The Natural Resource Education Coorinator will be responsible for providing leadership and growth to the Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center's Natural Resource Education Program and other related programs. Program's that are developed and delivered must be in keeping with the 4-H Center's philosphy and goals related to wise use, management, stewardships, and conservation of our natural resources. In addition, provide supervision of weekend activities on a rotation schedule with other professional staff. More information is available in the Job Description

Bachelor of Science in biology, earth sciences, forestry/wildlife, natural resources, experiential education, outdoor recreation or other related field; education background, programming experience, and working with children and adults preferred. Experience in recruiting, training, and supervising a volunteer corps is preferred.

$26,500-$27,000 annual salary paid every other week.

Employee Benefits
  • Annual leave accumulated at a rate of 8 hours per month.
  • All date holidays are given to employees.
  • Sick leave accumulated at a rate of 10 hours per month. Sick leave may be used for personal sickness, injury or family emergencies according to 4-H Center policy. Sick leave has no monetary value, but can be cashed-in upon depature at rate of $10.00 per day for up to 10 days.
  • 403 (B) retirement plan optional employee participation.
  • Optional employee participation in group health insurance for individual or family. The Center will pay $300 per month of the total billing for individual or family.Health insurance coverage available for employee only, partially center paid; family coverage available at employee expense.
  • Travel reimbursement.
  • Optional employee participation Dental Care Plan.

    Office hours are 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday. Employees are expected to keep regular office hours and schedule alternate work scedules with the Center Director. Professional 4-H Center employees sometimes work more than a 40 hour week and alternate duty weekend with other professional staff. Compensatory leave is offered.

    The Natural Resource Education Coordinator will work under teh direct supervision of the Program Director. The Program Director will conduct and intial three-month performance evaluation and an annual evalutaions.

    Please Mail Applications To:
    Heather Benninghove
    Holiday Lake 4-H Center
    1267 4-H Camp Road
    Appomattox, VA 24522
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