SOL Correlations

Subjects/Activities Time to complete SOL Correlation
1.Model Rockets 3hrs-not including drying time, 2-day activity PS 10
2.Sundials and Sunspots 1hr. 6.10
3.Solar Bingo 1hr. 6.10
4.Astronmoy models 1hr. ES14
5.Star Gazing 2hrs at night ES14
6.Golgal Ball 45min. PS10,ES12
7.Star tag 45min. ES12
8.Creature Features 45min. Bio8
9.Moon phases 45min. 6.10
1.Snake lore 1-1.5hrs LS5,LS7,LS10
2.Habitat hike 1hr LS9,LS10
VA Wildlife
1.Oh Deer 45min. LS4
2.How many bear live in these woods 45min. Science 1.5,3.6
3.Polar Bear in Phoenix 45min. Science3.5,LS8,Science5.5
4.Owl Pellets 1hr. Science 1.6,3.4,5.5
5.Wildlife I.D kit 1hr. LS5
6.Tracks 1-2hrs. LS 5
7.Ethic - Reasoning 45min. Science 4.8,3.10,6.11
8.Quail habitat 1hr. LS9, Ls12,5.5,4.5
1.Bugtraps 2day activity Bio9,LS1
2.Aquatic bugs 45min. LS12,LS7LS5
3.Are you my parent 45min. LS5
4.Soil food chain 1hr. 5.5,LS7,LS9LS11
1.Name that Bird 1hr. Science1.5,6.1,LS5
2.Super birds 45min. Science1.5,6.1,LS5
3. The Incredible Egg 45min. K6,2.4
4.Pass the part 30min. LS5
5.Molt the Duck 45.min LS 5
6.Hoo Gives a Hoot 45min. Science3.4,3.5,LS8
7.Fill the Bill 45min. Science1.5,3.4,3.5&LS10
8.Feet Are Neat 45min. ScienceScience1.5,LS10
9.Flappers 45min. Science 1.5LS5
10.Predation Game 45min. Science 3.5
11.Migrating the Extinction 45min. Science 3.10LS52
12.Getting Out of a Bird 45min. SOL 3.10, LS12
13. Early bird gets the plastic 45min. SOL 3.10, LS12
14.Building Feeders and Houses 1hr. SOL K6,1.5,L54
15.Know your Bird 45min. SOL LS5
3 R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
1.Composting 20min. SOL K10,1.8,4.8,6.11
2.Life chain in ground 30min. SOL 4.8,6.9,LS7
3.A rotten place to live 45min. SOL 4.8,6.9,LS7 LS9
4. Water Meter 45min./chart for week SOL 3.9
5. Trash traps 45min. SOL 4.8,LS7
Stream Ecology
1.Watershed Walk 1hr. SOL 2.7
2.Stream Doc. 45min. -1hr. SOL 1.4,1.5 LS5 LS7
3.Just passing through 30min. SOL 3.7
4.Macro invertebrate 45min. SOL 4.5
Lake Ecology
1.Rainy day Hike 45min. SOL 2.6
2.Lake Zones 45min. SOL LS7 LS8 LS10
3.Do pH test 45min. SOL 4.1 BIO3
4.Dip Netting 1hr. SOL 2.4 3.5,3.6 LS4 LS5
5.Are You Me 45min. LS5
1.Erosion 30min. SOL4.8
2.Soil Layers 30min. SOL 1.8,2.8,3.7
3.Just passing through 30min. SOL 3.7
4.The Great Stoney 45min. SOL 5.7
5.Ground Water model 45min. Science K9,1.8,3.7,3.9,4.8
6.Enviroscape model of land 45min. Science 5.7,ES2,ES3ES4
1.Mineral I.D. Test
a. field 45min. Science ES5,ES7,PS2
b. specific gravity 30min. PS2, PS1
2.Digging Fossils 1hr. ES10
3.Lay of the Land 1hr. ES8
4.Panning for gold 1hr.-1 1/2 ES5 ES7
5.Rock Hunt 1hr. ES6
Forest Investigation
1.Every tree for itself 45min. LS4
2.Tree Factory 30min. 6.8
3.Nothing Succeeds the Succession 45min. 6.2
4.Make own paper 45min./2days 1.8
5.Name that tree 45min. 5.5
6.How big is your tree 1hr. 5.4
7.Tree in trouble (part b) 45min. 6.8
8. The 400-acre wood 45min. LS12
Weather Studies
1.Rain Showers 20min. K9,2.6
2.Thunder Storm 15min. 2.6
3.Poetic Precipitation 45min. 2.6
4.Weather instruments 45min. 2.6,4.6,ES13
5.Rainy Day Hike 45min. 2.7
6.Tree Cookie 45min. 1.7
7.Weather Forecasting 45min. 2.6,3.9,3.8
Water Quality
1.Incredible Journey 45min. Science 2.6,3.8,3.9
2.Common Water 45min. Science K2,4.8
3.Water Match 45min. Science K5,1.8
4.Energetic Water 45min. Science 3.2
5.Molecules in Motion 45min. Science 3.3
6.Money down the drain 45min. Science 3.9
7.Water Olympics 45min. Science 6.2
8.Is there water on Zork? 1hr.-1 1/2 Science 6.6
9.Sum of the parts 45min. Science 6.11
10.Poison Pump 45min. LS11
11.Water Wizard War Day activity K5,K10,SS 1,SS 2.3,SS 2.6, and many more
1.Maps 40min. Geography 3.5, ES3
2.Maps and Compass 1-1 1/2 hr. ES2, W geography 10.1
Team Building
1.Mouse Trap 45min. Oral Lang. 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 3.1, 3.2
2.Save the doedo bird 1/2-1hr.
3.Pot of goldÊ 
4.hear, speak, say no evil 45min.
5.Giant skis 45min.
Night Activities
1.Night Hikes 2hrs. Science 4.5,4.7,5.5,LS9,K2
2.Creature of the Night 45min. Science 4.5,4.7,5.5
3.Owl Calling 30min. Science 3.4,3.5
4.Star Gazing 1hr-2hrs Science 6.10 ES14
5.Campfire 45min. Lang. 5.1,5.2
6.Outpost Camping Overnight to 9:00 a.m. Geo. 1.7,5.3, Wgeo 10.9
Low Ropes
  1-4hr(s). Oral Lang. 6.1,6.2,7.1,3.1,3.2
PE 3.4, 4.4, 5.5, 6.4, 7.4, 8.5, 9.4, 10.4
English - 3.1, 4.1, 5.2, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2
High Ropes
  4hr. PH5,PH6,PS6,PS1,PS10
PE 3.4, 4.4, 5.5, 6.4, 7.4, 8.5, 9.4, 10.4
English - 3.1, 4.1, 5.2, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2
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