Natural Resource Educational Class Descriptions

Each of these one hour classes are hands-on, correlate with the Virginia Standards of Learning, and give students the chance to experience Natural Resources in Appomattox Buckingham State Forest. For more information about each class, please see descriptions below.

What makes arachnids importnant to our ecosystem? What are the different types of arachnids? Learn about spides and other species through activities, games, and meeting some for yourself.

Why are aquatic ecosystems important? What can they tell us about the health of our environment? This course provides students the opportunity to investigate an aquatic ecosystem, collect macro invertebrates and determine the health of Holiday Lake and surround creeks.

Why care about plants? Learn about the role of plants in our lives and in the food when through games. Then, plant something of your own to help the ecosystem.

Students will learn what makes an insect and insect, and how they play an important part in our lives. Using nets, they will also get a chance to catch and identify insects around the 4-H Center.

Learn to protect your enviornment through activities and discussions about the importance of natural resources, land preservation, and Leave No Trace principles.

A forest is a lot more that just trees! Bet you didn’t know that trees are impacting your life every day. Learn how the forest affects us and how we live.

Ever wondered where rocks came from? Do all rocks look the same? What makes them different? We’ll look at the exciting life of a rock and ways to classify rocks and minerals.

How are snakes and frogs different? Explore some common misperceptions about these creatures and discover some amazing facts. Meet some of them up-close!

A braod overview of what natural resources are, how to classify them, and how to use and protect them in your life.

Compare and contrast the characteristics of mammals versus other animals.

Learn modern weather forecasting concepts and techniques. Participants will learn basic principals and make their own forecast. Participants will participate in experiments to help them understand weather concepts.

Students will particpate in games played by Native Americans to practice and improve everyday skills such as hunting and gathering. (Night Class)

Students will experience a day (or class period) in the life of a Native American. How did their life differ from ours today? Join us with hands on activities to discover how Native Americans lived.

The night lights up with stars and animal sounds each night at Holiday Lake. Through this class, we understand sensory awareness and learn about life after dark.

After learning basic orienteering skills, students will use their compass and paces to find the treasure of Holiday Lake

ORNITHOLOGY (Study of Birds)
What challenges do birds face when migrating? We will participate in fun activities that demonstrate bird behavior, adaptations, and the effect humans have on bird migration.

Students will be engaged in a brief discussion of raptors. They will learn what an owl pellet is and have the chance to dissec an owl pellet to discover what the owl ate. (Additional fee applies)

Students will experience a day (or class period) in the life of a Pioneer. Students will get to make their own candles and cornbread as well as try out a few daily Pioneer “chores”.

Do you ever wonder whether the top of the water bottle should be recycled? Or why recycling is important? Learn about recycling in Appomattox and what your impact on the enviornment is.

Explore the world of soil, how it is made, its qualities and importance. Participants will have the opportunity to investigate soil and its components, including decomposers and its inhabitants.

The world revolves around water. We’ll have our test equipment ready to investigate what is in our water and how it affects the entire world.

Get the opportunity to stomp around the creek feeding into Holiday Lake. Students will learn about the water and their role in keeping this aquatic ecosystem healthy, hands on.

Have you ever seen the interaction between predator and prey, or possibly noticed any adaptations that they obtain to survive? Let’s experience how animals fight for survival.

What would you do if you were lost in the woods? How can you lost proof yourself? What are the basic needs for survival?
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